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Image Viewer

The “Generic Image Viewer” plugin is primarily intended to be used as a presentation tool. You can display images on a 2nd screen, for example a projector, to your players.

As you can see in the image, to the left is the list of all images in this scenario. You can add images by clicking the ”+” button there and remove the selected one by clicking ”-”.

The “Show” button will display the image on the selected screen. You will have to select the desired device in the Options-Dialog (by clicking, not surprisingly, the “Options” button). Click “show” again to stop displaying the image.

In the middle is the image preview.

To the right is the token list. You can add and remove tokens by clicking ”+” and ”-” (you can select more than one file when pressing ”+”, thus adding, for example, a whole directory of tokens to the scenario). By double-clicking a token, you add it to the image. The token will be displayed on the image preview and, if “show” was clicked, also on the 2nd screen. You can also choose a scale factor (100% by default, but you can choose everything from 10% to 400%) for the token before double clicking it. In the example, the same token (the smiley) has been added twice, once with 100% and once with 250% scaling.

Of course you can also move the tokens around: Simply click at one in the preview and drag it around. The token feature is primarily intended for maps, to allow you marking the positions of pcs, npcs, etc. You can also rotate tokens by holding the <Shift> key while clicking it, this will rotate it 45° clockwise.

If you save your scenario, the list of images and tokens will be saved, so you will not have to add all images and tokens every time you start the GMTool again.

Note Panel

This plugin is effectively a small text editor with the ability to hold more than one file at once, allowing you to keep track of your notes, descriptions, etc.

Sound Player

Manage a list of sounds, music files, etc. and play them with one click.

Name Generator

The name generator allows you to, suprise, generate names. The configuration is read from an (easily editable) xml file, where you can store the name definitions.

When first starting this plugin, you simply have to click the ”..” button to load a name configuration file. One is provided with the tool, but others can be used as well.

Next you select one of the name definitions from the combo box, optionally an amount (how many different names you want to create) and click “Create”. Bingo, the list will now show one or more created names. Select one press “Copy” and it will be copied into the clipboard, for example to paste it into one of your documents.

When saving the scenario, the used name definition file will also be saved, so you will not have to load it again the next time you open the scenario.

If you want to edit the name definition file, see namegenerator.xsd

Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet plugin was designed as a small, customizable GM Screen. It's content can be defined in an xml-file, allowing people to create custom content for any system out there easily without having to code something.

For a manual on how to create your own cheat sheets, see cheatsheet.xsd

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